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    Webinar: The Atlas of new professions, 10 November

The Atlas of New Professions and Competencies in Kazakhstan is a Forecast map of promising industries and professions for the next 10-15 years It will help us to understand which areas will actively develop which new technologies products management practices will be born in them and which new specialists will be required by employers Ultimately we will be able to gain an understanding of what skills are needed to “complete” existing specialists in the labor market and offer them a very accessible and applied tool for advanced training Atlas should be an indispensable assistant in career guidance for parents teachers students and people who are looking for new horizons for development  Speaker:  Sayasat Nurbek Director of BTS Education National Project Coordinator for Atlas of New Professions and Competencies of Kazakhstan  https://wwwenbekkz/atlas/    Watch the webinar

2020.11.10 - Презентация АНП_ EUROBAK HR Committee


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