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    Unveiling the Future at the Human Capital Days Forum 2023

Aray Nazarbekova and Amanbek Akmergenov, experts of people advisory services at EY Kazakhstan, have recently conducted presentations during the “Human Capital Days 2023” event. They discussed the following topics: “Working with employee experience and developing an employer brand in Kazakhstan” and “How to systematize and implement HR analytics and dashboards in companies?”. The attendees had an opportunity to gain valuable insights on implementation strategies, best practices, and the benefits associated with these topics. During her presentation, Aray emphasized two crucial engagement tools for creating a positive employee experience: Employee value proposition and Employee journey map. Meanwhile, Amanbek discussed the advantages of HR analytics, modern platforms and tools, common mistakes to avoid, and key principles to apply.

EY employees act as speakers and moderators at the most professional events to share expert opinion, talk about new trends and answer relevant questions.

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