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    Our Philosophy is the individual approach

A momentous event unfolded for Almaty’s medical services – the opening of a new medical centre, Mediker Hospital International, setting a new standard in the quality of ultramodern medical services. Mediker Hospital International is one of more than 30 subsidiaries of the Mediker Group, which has successfully worked in our country for more than 20 years, establishing a high reputation for being a leader in the medical services market in Kazakhstan today.

The new multi-profile medical centre is located in one of the best, environmentally favorable areas of the city, offering its patients not only a full range of diagnostic services based on the latest world-class equipment, but also excellent, comfortable conditions in the clinic as one of the largest medical facilities in Almaty.

  • 4,000 sq metres
  • 6 floors
  • 31 doctor’s offices
  • 2 operating rooms

The company’s commitment to provide main criteria of the company’s competitiveness is a guarantee of the highest quality of medical services is paramount, guaranteeing to implement the most advanced diagnostic and treatment methods based on the principles of evidence-based medicine and complying with modern protocols.

The clinic’s doctors have studied and trained abroad while consultation is conducted in more than ten world languages. 

The medical centre also provides master classes and conferences with invited specialists from all over the world on a nearly monthly basis. Mediker has a wide network of partners abroad, including the largest university clinics in Freiburg (Germany), Navarra (Spain), the Quirόn Hospital Group, the Delfos Clinic, the Swiss Medical Network, the Seoul University Hospital and the Samsung Medical Center South Korea, among others. This partnership promotes medical tourism for Mediker clients and the exchange of experiences and technologies on an ongoing basis.

One of the important activities of the clinic is comprehensive body check-up diagnostics. Mediker Hospital International has developed more than 30 unique check-up programs, tailored to the patient’s gender and age, which allows doctors to perform a full-body check-up in one day. This makes it possible to avoid wasting time, providing medical check-ups for the whole family quickly and efficiently.

With all the other distinctive features of the medical centre’s activities, the unique Personal Health Care product deserves special attention.

We would like to take this opportunity to speak with Dr. Suhail Javed Khan, the curator of Personal Health Care, an international specialist.

How was this Personal Health Care product created?

“This unique product was developed by us according to international standards, as an alternative to insurance, but without any limitations or exceptions. Given our many years of experience working with insurance companies, we found an alternative solution to provide the advantage for clients by creating a personal approach to each, which means: Freedom. Availability. Quality.

“The program is designed in a flexible format to allow each client-participant the opportunity to include other additional services in order to create a plan that meets his/her personal needs.

“This Personal Health Care program is designed to make your stay at the clinic as comfortable as possible, to achieve the most rapid positive results of comprehensive treatment and is an exclusive form of medical care within the Mediker Group of Companies.”

Tell us about the benefits of the program Personal Health Care.

The benefits are extensive.

  • Access to a highly qualified team of doctors and nursing staff.
  • Telemedicine services with specialists of Mediker Hospital International and partners of international clinics.
  • In-country and out-of-country medical support and services.
  • Personalized management of chronic diseases.
  • Personalized Home Care.
  • Ambulance services and inpatient care.
  • Medical services in all areas (outpatient care, dentistry, rehabilitation, sports medicine).
  • 24-hour medical concierge service.


Hospital International, with care for you!”


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