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    EY: What challenges and opportunities do CFOs face?

Almaty hosted the 10th annual CFO Summit Idea Exchange & Networking Event. Over 30 CEOs of Kazakhstani and foreign companies, bankers, independent economists and politicians took part in the summit.

During the panel discussion, which was moderated by Dinara Tanasheva, EY Partner, Kazakhstan and Central Asia Tax and Law Leader, the following issues were raised:

– Tax policy, specifically the challenges faced by various sectors of economy and the expectations regarding the new Tax Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan

– Why digitalization is one of the key success factors for companies and the country, and what opportunities exist for the digitalization development in different sectors in the future

– What ESG issues are prioritized on the companies’ agenda and why it is essential for the top management of the company to communicate these issues

– What can prevent a CFO, in terms of his/her competencies and qualities, from successfully coping with the challenges and skillfully recognizing opportunities

“Now more than ever before, CFOs are struggling to respond appropriately to an ever-changing political and economic environment, including geopolitical instability, growing inflation, rising base rates, sanctions, and varying compliance requirements. In addition, they need to develop human capital, keep abreast of constant changes in tax policy, apply the principles of sustainable development, and implement digital solutions both to create new products and automate internal processes. All this helps the CFO of tomorrow deal with transforming challenges into opportunities and become strategic partners of top executives,” notes Dinara.

It should be emphasized that EY Partners act as speakers and moderators at the most significant events to share their expert opinion, discuss new trends, and answer topical questions.


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