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    EY: Transition to a green economy: How will the climate agenda affect the banking sector?

Veronika Abdraimova and Artem Antonov, EY experts from Department for Risk Services for Financial Institutions, conducted an analysis of the impact of the global climate agenda on the economy and banking sector of Kazakhstan. With the onset of the global energy crisis, the importance of the “green” energy transition has not only not decreased, but on the contrary, it has increased. Kazakhstan is not aloof from global initiatives. It is important, that the “Carbon Neutrality Strategy of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2060” was developed and approved as part of the implementation of the goals of the Paris Agreement. The global climate agenda and initiatives in Kazakhstan would have a significant impact on the banking sector. Read more about the effect on the banking sector and the tools banks need to integrate into the climate agenda in the article following the link (please note that article is in Russian language).


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