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Efes Kazakhstan

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The company is part of the multinational group for the production of beverages Efes Beer Group, which, in turn, teamed up with the largest players in the global beer market AB InBev and SABMiller to form the world’s most powerful brewing concern. Efes Beer Group consists of 34 companies specializing in the production and sale of beer and soft drinks in Turkey,
Eastern Europe and the CIS countries, as well as in the production of malt and hops. Efes Kazakhstan has been on the market of Kazakhstan for over 20 years, has two factories and offices in Almaty and Karaganda. Efes Kazakhstan was established in 1997 on the basis of the Karaganda brewery “Kolos”. For 10 years the company has been the leader of the
beer market in Kazakhstan with a share of about 50%. The successful development of Efes Kazakhstan and the growing demand for its products are explained by constant investments in production, the introduction of modern technologies, the ability to manage a portfolio of brands and build an effective distribution system.

Our company produces and distributes various brands of beer, each of which has found its buyer in the market of Kazakhstan: “Karaganda”, “Mug of Fresh”, “Polar Medved”, “Zhigulevskoye”, “Efes Pilsener”, “Miller Genuine Draſt”, “Amsterdam Navigator”, “Velkopopovicky Kozel”, “Bavaria”, “Slavna Pivnice”, “Old Melnik”, “Generous Brewer”, “Staropramen”, “Bremen”, “Hmelny Elk”. Our brand line includes brands that can satisfy the tastes of consumers in any price segment: from super premium to economy.


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