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Asian Development Bank

The Asian Development Bank (ADB), headquartered in Manila, is a multilateral development finance institution owned by 68 members. Since joining ADB in 1994, Kazakhstan has received about $7 billion in sovereign and non-sovereign loans as well as guarantees in transport, finance, energy, public sector management, water supply and sanitation, and irrigation sectors.

ADB is helping Kazakhstan integrate into global transport networks, drive investment and generate employment, improve agricultural productivity, develop renewable energy sources and combat climate change.

As a catalyst for private investments, ADB provides direct non-sovereign financial assistance to both public and private sectors through loans, syndication, equity investments, guarantees, and trade financing. ADB’s non-sovereign operations in Kazakhstan began in 2006, with a total of over $700 million approved to date. Recent non-sovereign operations include projects in renewable energy and finance.

In 2013, ADB and the government forged the Knowledge and Experience Exchange Program to provide demand-driven knowledge support. Total approvals under the Program amount to $5.5 million.


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