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DELOITTE: Deloitte is a top three brand according to the global Brand Finance rating

The annual Brand Finance Global 500 rating, which was recently at the Davos World Economic Forum, is an evaluation of the 500 most valuable global brands in all sectors and countries.

In the last year, Deloitte’s brand strength index increased by 1.5 points to 91.2 and valued at US$ 29.6 billion. This is clearly an excellent results, and one that will inspire us. We are proud that Deloitte Caspian is also able to strengthen our brand across the world.


DELOITTE: For Deloitte CIS Impact Report for FY2018

FY2018 was a year of new challenges stemming from a volatile economic climate and rapid technological and digital transformations. We applied our experience and expertise to turn challenges into exceptional opportunities. We invested our time and effort in improving our business and strengthening its sustainability, in launching new services on the CIS market that address clients’ needs, and in amplifying our social impact.


Haileybury Almaty: We are delighted to share one more wonderful news with you!

Shyngys B., one of our Upper Sixth (Yr13) pupils, received a coveted invitation from the University of Cambridge to study Mathematics. Cambridge is jointly ranked as the highest academic university, along with Oxford, within the UK. Globally, the University of Cambridge is acknowledged as one of the best university in the world. Shyngys, will be studying at the Mathematics Faculty in Peterhouse which is the oldest of the Cambridge colleges, founded by Hugo de Balsham, in 1284 and granted its charter by the English monarch King Edward I.

The college alumni include two Prime Ministers: Augustus Fitz Roy, a British Prime Minister and Elijah Mudenda the second Prime Minister of Zambia, five Nobel prize winners: Sir John Kendrew, Sir Aaron Klug, Archer Martin, Max Perutz, and Michael Levitt, Archbishops of Canterbury, Lord Chancellors, Lord Chief Justices, the inventor of the jet engine Frank Whittle, Lord Kelvin, Henry Cavendish, as well as Sam Mendes, David Mitchell, and Colin Greenwood.


KPMG named among top three global services providers for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in new HFS Research study

KPMG International has been named a top three global provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services in a new report by HFS Research. HFS assessed and rated the RPA services capabilities of 29 companies based on their innovation, execution and direct feedback from enterprise clients. KPMG, the report notes, “exhibited a strong mix of service-execution excellence, applied innovation and vision, and verified customer satisfaction to rise to the top of our RPA services study.”


KPMG in Kazakhstan and Central Asia announces an appointment of a new Managing Partner

Saken Zhumashev will replace Assel Khairova as a Managing Partner from 1 December 2018.

Assel has worked at KPMG in Kazakhstan and London (UK) in total for 21 years. She is a holder of the Kazakhstan Auditor license and US CPA with significant experience in working with leading international companies in the ENR sector. Under Assel’s leadership KPMG in Kazakhstan and Central Asia has shown strong progress in terms of both revenue and team size. Assel will leave the firm on 31 March 2019.KPMG in Kazakhstan and Central Asia expresses gratitude to Assel for the huge contribution she has made to developing the Kazakh practice over the years.

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