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KPMG in Kazakhstan and Central Asia released September edition of Oil & Gas NewsFlash

KPMG in Kazakhstan and Central Asia released September edition of Oil & Gas NewsFlash, which provides up-to-date information about current trends in the oil and gas industry. 


GRATA International & EXPO. Выводы

Вот и завершилось самое яркое событие лета 2017 – выставка EXPO. Что мы увидели и какие выводы сделали?

Астана приняла около 3 млн. посетителей, подписаны меморандумы о сотрудничестве, проведены десятки бизнес-форумов и национальных дней представленных государств. На различных конференциях и круглых столах страны-участники обсудили научные исследования, разработки и ноу-хау в области энергетики.


Low-Carbon Energy and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Workshop at Haileybury Astana

This month we welcomed Kirsty Anderson, Senior Consultant of Public and Community Engagement at Global CCS Institute to  Haileybury Astana. She enthralled our Year 5 and 6 pupils with her exciting ‘Engergising Energy’ workshop using everything from ‘blankets of carbon dioxide’ to popping candy and chocolate bars to help put complex concepts of climate change and low carbon energy technologies in a familiar and relevant context.


University Admissions

This year we are expanding our career guidance and university counseling services in several significant ways as we prepare our strongest Sixth Form yet at Haileybury Almaty. We are delighted to welcome David Levi as our Director of U.S. Admissions – David brings a wealth of experience helping international students get accepted into American universities as well as the personal experience of having graduated from Harvard University with a Master’s Degree. Along with Head of Sixth Form Mary Eckersall, David is leading additional SAT preparation sessions and giving students additional personalized guidance as they make their application decisions.  


Life in the Sixth Form at Haileybury Almaty

“Life in the Sixth Form at Haileybury Almaty is an incredibly rich and diverse experience” according to a former pupil. On arrival in the sixth form even more leadership and service opportunities are available to pupils and they begin in earnest the university application process.

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