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The application for EUROBAK membership includes the following steps:
  1. The company should fill in Application Form for EUROBAK membership, print it and send with a stamp and a signature to EUROBAK office by fax: +7 727 250 34 76 or e-mail: 
  2. The company should send a representative to meet with EUROBAK's Board of Directors for an interview
  3. The company should pay the membership fee 
The following fees for EUROBAK membership have been approved for the year 2018:
Type of  Member
Annual Fee (KZT)
Joining Fee**
Sponsor Member
3 800 000
Category A
620 000
Category B
317 000
190 000
Non – Present in KZ
190 000
**Payable once only at a cost of 100 000 KZT
Please note that Category A and Category B of Membership is determined by applying terms stated in this form on worldwide scale and is not a matter of choice apart from Sponsor Member category.
Category A  is a company with any of the following (worldwide):
  • EUR10m or more in Sales; or
  • EUR10m or more of Investment; or
  • A direct employer of 50 or more staff
Kindly note that Fee includes free entrance to EUROBAK events:
  • Sponsor Member – maximum 6 people
  • Category A – maximum 4 people
  • Category B – maximum 2 people
  • Non-Present in KZ – maximum 1 person
  • Individual – 1 person


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