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The main goal of this project is to ACKNOWLEDGE EUROBAK Member companies' social projects. For 2012-2018 we awarded over 150 CSR projects, and published information on projects with the most impact in World Monitor Magazine.

Objectives of the EUROBAK CSR Awards:

  • Promotion of CSR development in Kazakhstan
  • Advancement of EUROBAK Members’ image as socially responsible companies
  • Creation of a platform for sharing best practices on CSR projects

Benefits of participation for companies:

  • Raise awareness among stakeholders about the company's leadership in CSR
  • Public recognition through media coverage of the most impactful CSR projects  
  • Promotion of CSR initiatives among employees
  • Opportunity to analyze company's activities in CSR, presenting projects in the format of "problem-solution-result"
We are glad to invite your company to participate in this project. The Ceremony is usually accompanied by light cocktail, live music and a lucky draw. 

We are looking forward to see you at this delightful event!

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