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EUROBAK meeting with Chairman of Supreme Court, Mr Mami

21 January 2015, Astana, Kazakhstan 

Following meeting with Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, EUROBAK continuing dialogue in regards to reforms in legal system in Kazakhstan.

Delegation of EUROBAK Members met with Chairman of the Supreme Court of Kazakhstan  Mr Mami.


New Auditor Reporting Requirements are a Significant Step to Enhancing the Value of Independent Audit

On January 15 the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (the IAASB) published new and revised auditor reporting standards that represent a ‘significant change’ that enhances the nature of communications with stakeholders, according to KPMG.


Colibri Kazakhstan presents a brief overview of the amendments and additions to Kazakhstan’s legislation

I. Alcohol beverages

A new annual license fee for storage and retail sale of alcoholic beverages will be introduced from 1 January 2015 with the following rates:

  •  in the capital, cities of national and regional importance - MCI 100;
  •  in the district towns and villages - 70 MCI;
  •  in rural areas - 30 MCI.

Special module for online appeals from foreign investors has been launched

Dear EUROBAK Members, 

This is to inform you that Investors Support Centre (under KAZNEXT INVEST) has launched special module at for online applications from foreign investors. This module has been implemented to simplify the procedure for sending appeals and complaints of investors, resolving issues and informing foreign investors about the status of their applications.

Enclosed you may find brief instruction on filing online appeal (Application 1). Should you have any questions on registration and sending your appeals, please contact Investors Support Centre by phone +7 7172 919040 (int. 1093), or e-mail /

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