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Sofiya Moskalenko's Blog - Gallerist, Arts expert

Moskalenko Sofia, was born in 1983 in Alma-Ata.

In 2000-2004 was  graduated in "Adilet" as lawyer,  in the last year of education has already started to practice law in one of Kazakhstan's largest insurance companies - "Oil Insurance Company", specializing on  large-scale projects, tenders, contracts with foreign participation. In 2010, she received an MBA degree from the International Academy of Business. 

In 2011, as the head of the Association of Insurance Companies of Kazakhstan participated in the drafting of laws and other normative legal acts in the field of insurance. Was a member of the Board of Directors of JSC "Insurance Indemnity Guarantee Fund".

In June 2013 opened the art gallery of the author's pottery "Clay House Gallery", which is the first to date author ceramics galleries in Kazakhstan, where the works of famous Kazakhstan artists and artists of France, Holland, Austria and Georgia are gathered. There are exhibitions and sale of ceramics, painting and drawing in the gallery on regular basis.


Contemporary Art of Kazakhstan - Easy Tips How to Start Your Own Art Collection

1. First of all understand your own motives. Do you want something to decorate your room, or match the curtains? Or are you want to make investment and looking for possibility of a capital increase? Or are you attracted to art as a passionate collector?

2. Be aware that each of the above driving force is related - and each requires a different strategy. If you are looking for something you like, then it's easy: go with your intuition.

3. If you are investing, then you must do your homework and build contacts in the art world, which you can trust. It is advisable to lay the general idea or style as the foundation of your collection. It is necessary for you to develop a certain quality to be able to assess the level of the product itself, in addition to the opinions of professionals that need to work together. You can buy art from heavyweight dealer and be assured of its quality, but end up spending more money. Or you can buy young artists, and spend less money but with more risk. Whichever you choose, you must be prepared. In determining the commercial component of the collection, it is necessary to take into account that young artists might “shoot” or may never be revealed. Prices of the acknowledged masters are usually stable and grow by 5-15% per year - the average for the CIS, but the Kazakh market more chaotic and spontaneous. Kazakh art market now is on the stage of formation, that gives a lot of opportunities.  Quite simply start your own collection, develop relationship with dealers and to affect the whole art market.

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