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Mikhail Klenchin's Blog - Lawyer

Winner of "People of the Year 2013" nomination "Blogger of the Year", lawyer and attorney Mikhail Klenchin opens his blog on e- version of the World Monitor Magazine. Mikhail led a large number of high-profile cases,  won a case against the Ministry of Internal Affairs on  driving powers of attorney. Author of numerous articles, conducts workshops on literacy of lawyers and attorneys.  Mikhail has a practice for more than 10 years, the main specialization - appeals against the actions and decisions of public bodies.



Foreigner in Kazakhstan. Part 1 - Foreigner on the road.

Mikhail Klenchin, Lawyer 

I actively work to improve the professional level of my colleagues – lawyers, attorneys, and human rights defenders. I share my tips and hints for defense in some specific cases. Each and every method has been successfully tried and polished over many years to be of exceptional value.

Certainly, it is impossible to master the art of legal defense after a couple of minutes, just as it does not make sense to hope for a black belt in karate after a single training session. However, my work experience, as a practicing lawyer of more than ten years, gives me the right to state that I can teach almost anyone some simple and reliable methods and skills for a very short period of time, regardless of whether or not they have any legal background.

People in this country usually think that a foreigner here is a piece of the cake for numerous corrupted officers and Jacks in office of all types. Alas, it still takes place in spite of the government’s active struggle against corruption. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to have a lawyer and a bodyguard close to them, just in case. Therefore, foreigners have to learn some self-defense, including a legal one. For foreigners, it is of even greater importance, unlike for Kazakhstan citizens, because as visitors, they may face criminal and administrative responsibility and may be deported and prohibited from entering the country for up to five years.  

I offer you to start a lesson based on the example of a typical and easily simulated situation –  I was stopped by a traffic officer:  

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