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Dear EUROBAK Members,
By this letter we kindly inform you that “EUROBAK Talent Night: Sing & Dance” is postponed to 24 May 2014 due to multiple requests of EUROBAK Member companies. If your team was not able to participate in March, you are welcome to register for May!

Each team will present 2 performances:
1.    Sing a song 
2.    Sing a song or Dance

Theme of songs and dances are at your discretion.
Timing for the rehearsal is 12.20-16.40. Each team will have 18 minutes for the rehearsal. Therefore, please book your preferable timing in advance.  
Please find below your time of rehearsal: 
1 12.20-12.38  Procter&Gamble
2 12.40-12.58  JTI
3 13.00-13.18  Galaksi
4 13.20-13.38  
5 13.40-13.58  Nutricia
6 14.00-14.18  Kcell
7 14.20-14.38  Philip Morris Kazakhstan
8 14.40-14.58  Phaeton DC
9 15.00-15.18  BAT
10 15.20-15.38  KazPressClub
11 15.40-15.58  BTA Insurance
12 16.00-16.18  Deloitte
13 16.20-16.38  V-time Object Office
Enclosed you may find:
To confirm you participation please, fill in Application Form and send it to Elena Kudryashova by e-mail, not later than 7 March. 

Kindly note, that number of teams is strictly limited and application for participation will be accepted on "first come- first served" basis. 
We look forward to seeing you at this much anticipated event! 


Preliminary application form

Rules and regulations

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