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Dear EUROBAK Members,

By this letter we are inviting you to join EUROBAK’s Annual General Meeting on March 16, at 11.30

In the current pandemic situation, offline meetings remain unsafe which is why this year we decided to hold the AGM online, via the Zoom platform. 

The purpose of this meeting is to report the results of the previous year and elect new members of the Board of Directors for the period of 2021-2022.


Below are the candidates running for EUROBAK’s Board of Directors 
(in alphabetical order by company) :

Air Astana

Ibrahim Canliel, Chief Financial Officer

Al Hilal Islamic Bank

Gordon Haskins, CEO and Chairman of the Management Board


Rob Vermeulen, Managing Director

Dentons Kazakhstan

Victoria Simonova, Partner

Ernst and Young Kazakhstan

Erlan Dosymbekov, Managing Partner

“Kommesk-Omir” Insurance Company  

Oleg Khanin, Chairman of the Board

KPMG in Central Asia

Saken Zhumashev, Managing Partner

Pernod Ricard Kazakhstan

Mikayel Tovmasyan, Managing Director

SAP Kazakhstan

Yevgeniy Teremov, Managing Director

SberSolutions (Intercomp Kazakhstan LLP)

Ivan Bychkov, Director

Only fully paid up EUROBAK Members are eligible to run and vote at the Annual General Meeting. Please make sure your company pays up the membership fee.


Participation at this event is FREE and for CEOs of EUROBAK’s Member Companies only. If a CEO is not able to attend the Annual General Meeting, he/she can provide a Power of Attorney to a representative of his/her company to participate and vote at the Annual General Meeting (for your convenience a form of the Power of Attorney is attached hereto as Annex 2).


The Power of Attorney must be printed on the company’s official letterhead and stamped by the issuing company in order for it to be valid.
The original of the Power of Attorney must be delivered to EUROBAK’s office no later than 12 March, 18.00. Please note that if the Power of Attorney does not comply with the set format and is delivered after the deadline it will not be accepted.

In order to confirm your participation, please kindly proceed to the Online Registration. 

Voting will be held online via Zoom.

Please kindly note that each company will have one vote. In the event of the company being represented by two or more persons, only one person will be able to vote and the company must choose which one. Other representative(s) will be transferred to the waiting room while voting takes place (it should take around 5-7 minutes). As soon as voting is complete, all of the participants will be re-connected to the main conference room and we will announce the results.
In case you have any questions about the voting process on the Zoom platform, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to explain the procedure and arrange a trial session if needed.

As this is the first time of online voting in our history, we are making a great effort in arranging a smooth process while complying with all the procedures to ensure that the elections are transparent and we hope for your understanding and support.
We look forward to seeing you at AGM! 


Power of Attorney (Annex 2)

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