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Margulan Ospanov

Margulan Ospanov
Chairperson / EUROBAK PCA Committee
EUROBAK Honorary Advisor and official representative in Astana

Margulan has worked in the Oil & Gas industry since 1999. His oil and gas career started in the Karachaganak project, where he held a representative position in Texaco, then ChevronTexaco, for the projects based in Aksai. Since he left Karachaganak in 2004, he continued with different positions in Chevron, Repsol and KazEnergy Association.


Rashid Kabykayev
Deputy Chairperson / EUROBAK PCA Committee
Specialist for Corporate Communications and Government Relations / LLP “BASF Central Asia”

Rashid joined LLP “BASF Central Asia” in 2015 as Marketing Specialist in Astana. Later, in September 2016, was appointed as Specialist for Corporate Communications and Government Relations. Previously worked in IT and Construction sectors. A graduate from University of the Fraser Valley, Canada.


Dinmukhamed Aisautov
Deputy Chairperson / EUROBAK PCA Committee
Manager, Corporate Affairs Central Asia and Caucasus / Danone Central Asia and Caucasus

Dinmukhamed (Dimash) Aisautov has graduated from KAZAKH-STATE ACADEMY OF ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION in 1995 receiving MS in CIVIL ENGINEERING  degree. He also has graduated from KAZAKH-STATE ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT in 1999 receiving MS in ECONOMICS and EDINBURGH BUSINESS SCHOOL, HERIOT-WATT UNIVERSITY (UK) in 2011 and is a holder of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Dimash has worked in several industries not necessarily correlating with his education with examples being construction industry, oil and gas, public relations, corporate affairs and government relations as well as his private business in the HORECA sector. Dimash is also the holder of licenses and certificates such as: 1 category (Broker-Dealer) and 2 category (Securities Registrar) issued by National Securities Commission of Kazakhstan.

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